On Introductions:

by tehgay

I’m not fond of introductions. However, I’m going to write one. (Ta da!)

I’m going to try to express excitement and give you a hook to keep reading, even as I talk about why this is here, or why it’s around. (Ta da!)

I end up discussing my sexuality a lot. Which is fun for me, if with the right people. However, I end up discussing my sexuality (And, as well, my faith and political leanings) with people who are the wrong people. And I end up saying the same things to these kinds of people repeatedly. So, rather than use the same words and struggle to define the same concepts, time after time, I’m creating this blog. (Ta da!)

Here, I can write about a specific idea one time only, without having to expend valuable patience. If people ask me about something I think, and I’ve already written about it, BAM! I link them here. (Ta da!)

It occurs to me that other people, having similar conversations, may link here as well. In which case, this is helpful not only to myself. They might be able to speak much more eloquently than I can, but, hey. This blog is here, and it’s fast to link to, and they won’t have to talk overmuch to people who still wonder how homosexuality is different from pedophilia. Everybody wins. (Ta da!)

I’m writing these things that I generally have to tell people that think that being gay is wrong. They are, overwhelmingly, Evangelical Christians. They also get their feelings hurt easily, as those with privilege often do. Formerly, when expressing these ideas, I’ve been careful to spare their feelings, and express, only in a very politic manner, ideas that they may find troubling. However, I’m not sure I was doing them any favors. Such cushioning only accommodates privilege; and further, presupposes that they are intellectual invalids. Further, it slowed down the progress of expression so much that I couldn’t ever get to all of my points, however salient. Here I will have no such qualms. Though these are posts aimed at Evangelical Christians, they are written in a manner that will probably leave Evangelicals offended and angry if they read them here. (Ta da!)

Instead, these posts are mostly for my brothers and sisters – those who are lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, asterisk, or already allied. Though I highly suspect I’ll be the only person reading this, perhaps some in that latter community might find their thoughts elucidated and validated and crystallized by reading my random rants. It’s my hope that if anybody reads this, they can (If necessary) water down the mean, militant extra-gay parts down so that their accidentally-bigoted, but-presumably-well-meaning friends can hear them. Or, perhaps, help me figure things out that I totally haven’t figured out. Or correct me. (Though if you’re an Evangelical Christian, that very probably won’t work very well.) In the mean time, though, I’m going to continue being mean and militant. (Ta da!)