A Quick Note on Intersectionality:

by tehgay

If being black = 333.

And if being gay = 100.

Being black and gay does not equal 433.

Being black and gay does not equal 3330.

Being black and gay does equal 7333.1002.

The take away is that you cannot add “black” and “gay” together to find the amount of prejudice they’ll encounter. You cannot multiply them either. There is no quick and easy mathematical relationship between them. Instead, there is a large number that looks confusing but for the presence of the digits “333” and “100.” You can see those properties of “black” and “gay” in it, but it is its own entity with its own rules.

So stop assuming you’ve figured “black” out because you’re gay. It’s different, I promise.

Similarly, guys, if you’re gay, you still haven’t experienced transphobia.

Different people have different experiences. Yes, to a point, you can generalize. Being male, I can pretty much assume I have privilege in that respect virtually anywhere I go. However, I cannot translate that “maleness” to “black maleness” and find out what it’s like to be a black male.

End lesson? Different things are different.